Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Yummy Gaudi for MAXALOT:Wallpapers project

I have started working on a big painting, which is for my solo show and also for the Wallpapers project of the MAXALOT GALLERY in Barcelona!
Ye~s ,,! Gaudi's country!!,,
One Master artist designed the almost all the big CITY!!
I want to do that too!!
Well..... anyway, I have been really excited and thinking about this project, in order to visualize how I want ,,,
and I think I got it! Finally! ( well.. I have been working on slowly may be 4 month or so...)
Here is one of element I will paint on a canvas,
Hope some of my characters will be top on the Gaudi's buildings, for REAL! in Future!
Ye~s why not!?
Big dream! Good to have!

I dedicate this new painting to Antoni Gaudí
Who is always super duper inspiring to make me exhale and motivate..