Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I GOT IT! "TEKKONKINKREET" special limited numbers DVD set.
with a brand new artwork box by MATSUMOTO TAIYO.
He is the creator of the graphic novels,"TEKKONKINKREET"!!
ok, anyway yes this is my show and tell post again!
I just need to get everything about "TEKKONKINKREET" with 100% of respect.
and if you love JAPANESE STUFF and love ANIMATION,, ANIMATION YOU KNOW, you need to have this
this is THE ONE, you should order it and get it, you can order at KINOKUNIYA BOOK STORE KINOKUNIYA BOOK STORE

I read all 3 issues of graphic novels also.
They are truly amazing, master piece! that is for sure. I believe american compay will publish English version of them soon again, so you should read them, (title is "black and white")
their names..two main characters live as one.
and my belief, respectfully trying to live in the way of YIN AND YANG, TAOISM..
and also always, I am trying to visualize the idea, so,
"TEKKOMKINKREET" just knocked me out.
"TEKKONKINKREET" is telling and implying the many aspects ofYIN AND YANG.TAOISM I believe.
The idea is deeply build in ASIAN BELIEF and CULTURE from long long time ago, I believe.
If you are interested in you should read the books.. there are a lot of books telling about the phi·los·o·phy.

right Yumi,,?
Yumi is my sister (Yumi is Genius my philosopher sister,,so I cannot say wrong about philosophical subjects..... ) will come soon from Boston! I cannot wait... this time...ha