Sunday, November 30, 2008


How was your Thanksgiving? Did you have good one?
I guess I ate too much and stuff, so my stomach feels tired.. so I decided to clean...NO MORE FOOD,,just kidding..
But kind of.
I have been playing, "Animal Crossing-cityfork" A LOT!
I am obsessed.
Even when I am outside of the game world, thinking about my town in the game, so honestly most of time, I feel like still I am inside of the game, living with cute animals.
And I am able to visit my friends, who even lives in cool is that.


"VIVISECT PLAYSET V", opening will be on Friday, December 5th. This is 3rd time, and I transformed myself to a monkey and a yellow bird.
IF YOU ARE LIVING around SF!, please come to check out the show, LUKE will be there,(not me though....sighs)